It’s Time Female Authors to Claimed Their Space

It is no secret that the publishing world is a man’s affair. Granted, there are female authors who have gotten published in the past, but their stories are that of tears and struggle. It has become a world where women give their best but have to fight for their voices to be heard. If you are a female author and you have been contemplating stopping because of the many hurdles you face, including sexism, lack of pay, and poor motivation, do not stop just yet.

How Female Authors Can Get Noticed

The first step when taking the revolutionary journey is to believe in yourself and your writing. Do not allow anyone to make you feel less. Keep writing! You should also appreciate the value of networking. It gets even better if you identify some of the networking opportunities for women, by women. Look for inspirations among women writers who are soaring and appreciate their journey to being where they are. Forget the misconception that you must have a literary agent for you to get published. If you are having challenges, why not try self-publishing? There are many opportunities online that will amplify your writing voice.

Knowing Your Worth

Do not put your self-worth on what people think of you and your writing. Keep reinforcing the idea that you are a female author, and you can succeed in the field. Use your social media channels to talk about what drives you, your future plans as a writer, the challenges you face, and what you are doing to rise. Do not focus too much on the things that are not happening right. Think of the little successes you have had, including something as little as adding one sentence to the novel that you are writing. Above all, remember to speak up when you face injustices and continue writing.