How Female Authors Can Improve Their Writing Environment

Authorship is a preserve of a few gifted individuals out there. Congratulations if you are one of them. And while you may have come across many great male authors out there (William Shakespeare, or Chinua Achebe, for example), female authors (think of Toni Morrison, Margaret Atwood, Mary Shelley, etc.) have defied all the odds to be mentioned in the same breath as their male counterparts. The least we can do is to celebrate them.

However, female authors, just like male writers, need a comfortable working environment. I call this ergonomics. As an author, you will be sitting for long hours doing what you enjoy, whether it’s writing or typing. You need the right chair and writing/reading table, etc.

House Doctor Comes to Your Rescue

As the name suggests, House Doctor is an online store with virtually everything you can ever need in your home, right from lighting to furniture and everything in between. I will dwell on furniture and lighting because I’m talking about authorship. Yes, the store offers an unlimited range of well-designed office chairs, rocking chairs, and stools, all of which will come in handy during your writing career. Remember, sitting on one chair throughout may be tiresome, and that is why you will need to switch from a bench to a stool to an office chair, etc. House Doctor offers you a variety to choose from, allowing you to sit on what you want depending on the circumstances.

As an author, you will also want to work in a well-lit space. House Doctor is also there to help you in this respect, with a host of offerings to choose from; lamps, light bulbs, lampshades, etc., you decide what is best for you. What is more is that the store also sells shelves, which you can use to safely and neatly store your books and other writing materials.