Using Wallpapers to Immortalise Female Authors

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” This is an old adage, older than you and I, but it is still as relevant as ever. Now, allow me to remove the word, picture, and replace it with ‘wallpaper’. The saying would then go like this; a wallpaper is worth a thousand words. Yes, you guessed it right. In an era when female authors are working so hard to claim their rightful space in the world of authorship, the latter saying makes sense; a lot of sense, as a matter of fact.

Now, while female authors today may not be anywhere near their male counterparts, the fact remains that they are giving the men a run for their money. From Toni Morrison, Jane Austen, and Virginia Woolf to Mary Shelley, Margaret Atwood, and others, there have been and still are, many female authors who have helped to define and redefine authorship, whether it is novels, poetry, plays, or other forms of literature. Some of these people may have left the world to meet their creators, but their legacy cannot be denied. And many are still alive today, doing what they do best.

Use a Wallpaper to Remember Them

You don’t live with your favourite female writers in your home, right? But that does not stop you from interacting with them daily. Besides reading their works, you can have a wallpaper or mural featuring their portrait in your home. You can find that at, a trusted haven of such products. That would ensure that you have a glance at them every day you wake up. And suppose your children (girls) aspire to be authors, too. In that case, you can inspire them to pursue their dream by simply installing wallpapers of their favourite female authors in their rooms.

Family Wallpapers

This online store has every wallpaper you can ever think of. Can’t find a photo wallpaper of a particular author? You can contact the support agents on the site, and the team will help you find what you want by scanning through their vast library. Alternatively, Family Wallpapers allows you to personalise your wallpapers. Simply upload a picture of the female author you want to be printed on wallpaper, specify the size, and the team will print it for you. That is awesome, isn’t it?