Computer Or Pen

One of the most important decisions that a writer should make is whether they will use pen and paper, a computer or a combination of the two. Writing by hand is convenient as it allows you to scribble ideas anywhere.

Notepads are more portable than computers and are fairly inexpensive. They have been used by successful authors for centuries. You never know when a winning idea will come into your head. Keeping a pen and notepad on hand will ensure that you never forget your creative thoughts.

On the other hand if you want to write a book in a professional format then a computer is essential. In past decades typewriters were preferred when it came to creating publishable documents. These days cyber formats are the standard way of sending books to potential publishing companies.

Furthermore, computer programmes give writers practically an infinite amount of pages for them to use. In contrast a notepad will have limited pages to fill up. A lot of successful authors like to use notepads to write down their initial ideas. They then utilise computers to type up the actual finished piece of work.