Choosing A Format

Every budding writer needs to decide which format they want to work with. There are several to choose from and different reasons why each is preferable. Ideally, writers should try out each format in order to find the one that suits them best.

Prose is one of the most popular formats for writers. It is also often the most profitable. Novels and short stories are written in the form of prose.

Other writers prefer to focus on poetry. This is an entirely different format from prose. It has its own structure and rules that can be followed or broken. In some ways poetry allows for increased creative freedom. However, it is far less marketable than regular books.

Plays are stories written to be performed on stage. This is the ideal format for anyone who wants to work in the theatre. Playwrights should follow industry standards while creating their stories.

Screenplays might seem similar to plays but they are entirely different. Screenwriters need to write as if they are the camera recording the action. These writers can go on to become successful and famous if they catch a big break.