How to Write a Stunning Personal Memoir

Do you have a story that you are burning to tell? A life experience that you believe is worth immortalising in the form of a book? If the answer is yes, then you should start writing about it now. One of the things that comes between authors and a good story is the self-doubt they impose on themselves. This is even worse for female authors because they feel as though they have to bow to the pressures of society that tells them that women should not be heard. It explains why many female authors never dare to write their personal memoirs and tell their stories in raw form. If you have been hesitating to pen your own story, go for it. Some of the tips that will help you include the following.

Stop Self Censuring

Sometimes, the biggest enemy, when it comes to writing, is the fear that people will judge. This always leads to self censuring that ends up with you producing a shoddy piece of writing. Imagine that you are writing for someone who does not know you. Write your truth. Forget about what other people might think and keep on writing. It may be painful, shameful, sad, awakening but you once you have decided to start, keep on.

Join Writing Groups

It helps to get inspiration from other writers. It would be best if you considered joining writing groups. You can reach out to other writers in the region where you come from. Alternatively, you can join virtual writing sites or even use social media sites such as Facebook and blogs to connect with other writers. It is through such groups that you can talk openly about what it means to pen a personal memoir as a female author.

Dedicate Time for Writing

The biggest mistake you can make when planning to write your deep and personal story is waiting for the right time. You will never get to do it. Time is fleeting, and you will soon realise that other people have published. At the same time, you were still waiting for the perfect writing room with an expensive computer. It is fine to start small. You can even buy a second hand macbook pro or start penning your story on a notebook. Dedicate time for it and keep to your schedule.

Allow Mistakes

A good book is one that was written with raw emotions. Write it with your blood. Put all your energy and mistakes in it, and you will come up with a good book. Remember that it is your story. You are allowed to be flawed in character and get as real as possible. People want to read stories that they can associate with. Stop obsessing about coming up with a perfect book, and instead start thinking of writing a unique book that readers will not want to put down.