Sticking To A Routine

Writing a book can take a very long time. Some authors like Stephen King manage to churn out multiple publications each year. The only way they achieve this is through a dedicated work ethic and by sticking to a routine.

Modern schedules can be hectic. The majority of authors do not have a large amount of spare time to work on their writing projects. It is crucial that writers set up times throughout the day to do this.

The number of hours that each person uses for writing can vary considerably. One good way of calculating the time needed to finish a book is by considering how many pages they can write in one session. They can then multiply this until they reach their desired page limit. This will show them how many sessions are needed to finish the book.

Time management is a skill that can only learned through experience. The important thing is that writers stick to their work and do not procrastinate during their sessions. Utilising tools such as calendars, goal charts and timers will help to ensure that these goals are achieved.