Meg Chittenden The Hard-core Cozy Writer

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Margaret (Meg) Chittenden is a hard-core cozy author with an attitude but no sense of direction. For the past thirty years, while writing a ton of short stories and articles for the likes of Good Housekeeping, Ladies Home Journal, Boys Life, and the Tacoma News Tribune, plus thirty five books in genres ranging from children’s books to romance, to suspense, to occult horror, and to mystery, she’s been searching for some mean streets but hasn’t managed to find many. To make up for this lack, she creates over the top characters and plots shot through with holes. You want proof, you can read the Charlie Plato Mystery Series, which so far consists of five novels–Dying to Sing, Dead Men Don’t Dance, Dead Beat and Deadly, Don’t Forget to Die and Dying to See You. (Do you detect a pattern here?) While writing this series Meg has learned more than she ever wanted to know about the decay rate of bodies, how to read blood spatters, what not to do at a crime scene, and not nearly enough about line-dancing.

This Time Forever
, a woo-woo reincarnation story with some mystery in it, set in contemporary Seattle and nineteenth century Scotland, was published in 2002.

Released in September 2003 from Berkley Books is More Than You Know, a standalone mystery/suspense story with sex in it. Meg is also the author of How to Write Your Novel, which contains 25 years of her writing experience. You might also like to watch out for her article,Paranormal Romance, (with the sub heading “Stir up a potent brew by adding bizarre events to your love story.”) coming in the April issue of The Writer magazine.


Now in paperback: ISBN: 1-57566-669-3

This is the fifth and most recent novel in the Charlie Plato Mystery Series, which focuses on CHAPS, a country western nightclub on the San Francisco Peninsula. This one starts out with Zack unknowingly renting CHAPS out to some nude line dancing instructors. This makes Charlie Plato reluctant to rent CHAPS out again. In spite of her fears, when she finally agrees to CHAPS hosting Savanna Seabrook’s high school reunion, everything seems to be going smoothly– until a body shows up in a very unexpected place.


Original paperback: ISBN 0-373-51188-4

This is a romantic suspense story set in contemporary Seattle, Washington, and 19th century Edinburgh, Scotland. Against a background of reincarnation, travel consultant Liz Brooks struggles to find out why she keeps reliving the life of Scottish milliner Jeannie Findlay, and who exactly is Robert McAndrew? Supposedly helping Liz solve the puzzle is Dr. Matthew Lockwood, but he seems to have an agenda of his own.


original paperback, Berkley, September 2003

Madison (Maddy) Sloane waits outside Seattle’s Pike Place Market for her husband to pick her up. But when he finally arrives, he mutters something to her, brushes on past her, and disappears. Maddy has no idea what has happened to him. Nor does she know she is being watched by Nick Ciacia. When Nick offers to assist in the search for her husband, Maddy accepts his help. She’s soon attracted to him, but then begins to wonder just how honest Nick’s motives are.