Julie Wray Herman’s Over-active Imagination

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Julie Wray Herman is the proud owner of an over-active imagination. She puts it to good use in her mystery series featuring Three Dirty Women Landscaping, Inc., whose partners find that they have a talent for unearthing much more than weeds. While Julie hasn’t actually buried anyone in her garden, she has always found gardening to be a good way to work off frustration, anxiety, and chocolate chip cookies.

Julie is a founding member and past-president of the Gulf Coast Chapter of Sisters in Crime, an active member of Mystery Writers of America, a member of the Crime Writer’s Association, and a recent graduate of the Texas Master Gardener program at Mercer Arboretum in Houston.

Three Dirty Women and the Bitter Brew

Korine McFaile, of Three Dirty Women Landscaping, Inc., along with her partner Janey Bascom and Janey’s husband J.J., attend the Small Landscaper’s convention. Korine draws Dodie Halloran — who seems determined to make Korine’s life miserable — as her roommate. This end is met when Dodie is murdered and Korine becomes suspect.

Further complicating matters, Korine’s son, Chaz, has a problem he cannot, or will not, discuss with her. In order to deal with her son’s dilemma, Korine must face a secret from her past, which leads her to the solution to Dodie’s violent death.

“Herman’s first book, Three Dirty Women and the Garden of Death, was nominated for an Agatha for best first novel. I feel that her second book is even better than her first. I enjoyed how she develops her characters, especially Korine and J.J. It was hard to put this book down since I wanted to see what would happen. I feel that this is one of my favorite books of the year so far and hope to see it nominated for an Agatha as best novel.” — Tom Walcher, My Shelf

Three Dirty Women and the Garden of Death 

Hardcover – ISBN: 1-57072-110-6 ~ Trade Paper – ISBN: 1-57072-126-2
Silver Dagger Mysteries

Professional landscaping company, Three Dirty Women, unearths more than than they bargain for when Amilou Whittier finds her philandering husband buried under a client’s azaleas. Her friend and partner, Korine McFaile, follows a twisting path to discover who really killed Greg Whittier. Was it Susannah Graham, whose past relationship with Greg Whittier may have been heating up again? Or was it Sally Tucker, who ran away with Greg and broke up Amilou’s marriage, only to come back to town without him? Things get really complicated when a second victim turns up. When the evidence points squarely at Amilou, Korine finds that supporting a friend can be easier in thought than in deed.