How To Expand The Point

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I have taken the point and I’ve expanded upon it I’ve told you more and I’ve turned those three sentences into a separate paragraph there’s the original sentence and there’s the new supporting detail argument to I said second increased use of bicycles would reduce our reliance on gasoline but again here I expand upon that point we know that the world supply of petroleum is limited so it makes sense to use it why léa by riding bicycles instead of cars for some trips we can presume we can preserve rather fuel for other purposes so here too I’ve written enough to make argument to its own paragraph then on to argument three my original sentence finally bicycling is extremely good exercise and then I expanded upon it again numerous studies have shown that cycling it should be no it there that cycling improves the strength of riders legs and back muscles in addition bicycling improves cardiovascular fitness well it’s possible to get those benefits through running bicycling is gentler motion is much less likely than running to cause joint damage okay there’s my argument three and again separate paragraph.

Now my refutation as you may remember what the refutation is is an acknowledgement that not everybody feels the way I do that there is another side to the question so what you do is you state your opponent’s argument and then you knock it down so the original sentence some people might argue that bicycles are impractical for carrying packages and other loads but by adding racks baskets and panniers to bikes people would be amazed how much they can carry on these wonderful two-wheeled vehicles and then I expand perhaps a little more true it might not be possible to use bicycles for all chores but before climbing into their cars people ought to consider whether they can accomplish the task using their bicycles this is the way to establish bicycling as a habit so I’ve cited what my opponents argument might be and then I knock it down again in a separate paragraph that brings us to the conclusion now up to this point with persuasive essays we’ve basically uh restated our our main point our topic and closed it up up when you expand upon a persuasive essay you might want to include a call to action.

Basically many persuasive writing pieces we’re trying to convince somebody to do something to further our cause by taking some action and that is known as the call to action so my original conclusion sentence was as you can see bicycling yields benefits to riders health in the environment so greater dependence on them in Phoenix only makes sense but then I close out with a call to action however Phoenix won’t become a more bicycle-friendly City until the streets are filled with cyclists I urge you to get on your bicycle today in order to be seen and to encourage others to do the same don’t just sit there do something that’s your call to action so let’s summarize what we’ve learned about expanding persuasive paragraphs into full-blown persuasive essays to expand to persuasive paragraph to an essay we take each point in the introduction body and conclusion and we turn them into separate paragraphs the expansion consists of sedition ‘el supporting detail for each point that you make and one way to expand the conclusion is by including a call to action which you encourage readers to do something in support of the position you’re recommending.