Charlaine Harris’s Best Paperback Original

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The Femmes congratulate Charlaine on her well-deserved win for the 2002 Anthony for Best Paperback Original for Dead Until Dark. 

Living Dead in Dallas

Ace Fantasy, $5.99 ISBN 0441009239; (March 26, 2002)

Sookie Stackhouse and her boyfriend, Bill Compton, are back in their second adventure. Sookie, the telepathic barmaid we met in DEAD UNTIL DARK, is still involved with Civil War veteran Bill Compton, known around Bon Temps, Louisiana, as Vampire Bill.

Though she’d rather stay at home and solve the murder of her gay co-worker, Lafayette Reynold, Sookie has an obligation to the vampire hierarchy of Louisiana. To pay off that debt, she is loaned to the vampires of Dallas, who need her mind-reading skills in tracking down a missing bloodsucker.

Her new life with Bill forces Sookie into encounters with shapeshifters, werewolves, and the fanatics involved in the Fellowship of the Sun, an anti-vampire right-wing group. When she returns to the safety of Bon Temps, Sookie is confronted with even more unexpected evil . . . right in her own back yard.

Last Scene Alive

Minotaur Books; ISBN: 0312262469; (August 2002)

Recovering widow Aurora Teagarden is just getting her life back into shape when she discovers that a movie crew is coming to Lawrenceton, Georgia, to film a fictionalized version of the murders she helped to solve in the first Teagarden book, REAL MURDERS. And who’s returning with the movie crew? Roe’s old flame, writer Robin Crusoe, now dating the actress who’s going to portray Aurora in the movie.

Confused? So is Roe. Her coworkers are acting strange, her evil stepson turns up on her doorstep, and her attraction to Robin flares up again . . . and the actress playing Roe is discovered in her trailer, killed three different ways.

What’s a librarian to do?


Rural America finally has a vampire story to call its own.” — Tanya Huff

“An author of rare talents.” — Publishers Weekly


Recently, Ace signed Harris to write three more Sookie Stackhouse books in addition to remaining contract (which calls for two more). Harris will also be writing at least one more Aurora Teagarden for St. Martin’s Press.

An avid mystery reader, Harris is the mother of three children under eighteen. She has studied goju karate, is a weight-lifter, and loves to watch her kids play sports. Active in her church, Harris is also a minor cinemaphile.

Now serving on the board of Sisters in Crime, Harris is also a member of Mystery Writers of America, the American Crime Writers League, and has wrested the presidency of Arkansas Mystery Writers Alliance away from Joan Hess.


Short Fiction by Charlaine Harris

“Deeply Dead” Murder, They Wrote, USA; Norway