Academic Assignment Writing

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Welcome to this presentation on academic assignments about critical thinking and critical writing my name is Richard Engel staff I’m the discipline leader for project management here at CQ University and what I’ll be doing is I’ll be talking for the next maybe 10 minutes or so about what you need to do in order to get good marks in your assignments the topics that I’ll be covering will be focused around the Australian qualification framework otherwise known as the aqf I’ll be explaining the aqf in terms of bodies of knowledge in other words these are the basic foundations of what you need to know in order to be able to go and work in a particular discipline at a certain level within the aqf bodies of knowledge have built around vocabularies so in our case in project management we have a certain vocabulary the use of that vocabulary the understanding of that vocabulary is particularly important and I’ll also talk a little bit about that one of the critical factors is that what you’ve got to be able to do is show that you can think cognitive skills thinking skills is what University study is all about so we’ll be discussing what’s involved in that and in particular thinking about how to solve complex problems you’ll you’ll be confronted with complex problems that require you to be able to look at the body of knowledge use of vocabulary and apply certain judgment. Find out more about academic assignments on Edusson.

To be able to go in solve these problems and that means you need to have this thinking critical thinking Capek capability capacity to critically think I also talked about assignments there are seven types of assignments that you typically get at a university level I’ll briefly mention those and also how those are graded I can’t give you all the permutations about grading but I’ll give you some general concept that you need to bear in mind when you’re trying to go and get good grades and then finally I’ll go into essays essays is perhaps the most important let’s say writing most important skill that you need to acquire is one of the seven types of assignments so I’ll talk about essays I’ll talk about the structure of essays and provide you with some tips now one thing that I should emphasize is that there is a paper that I’ve written and posted on the Moodle website about this presentation encourage you to go and look at the paper and download that it’s not terribly long 22 pages or so and it’s got a lot of Link’s hot links to various other websites in cqu and other universities which contains a lot of information that will help you go in get good results in your assignments okay.

Let’s look at the Australian qualification framework now there’s a lot of information in the aqf I’ll just use the word aqf there’s a website WWF gov au or a qf edu – I think is a QF Edie you know you and what it does is it explains on that website the ten levels within the a QF so the 10 levels cover from certificate one two three four diplomas advanced diplomas degrees and then graduate certificates graduate diplomas master’s and finally doctorates that’s the ten levels and at each level the level is defined in certain ways in particular around type descriptors and these type descriptors go and identify the knowledge that you need to have at that particular level so in our case we work at an AF 8 level and for the graduate certificate graduate diploma.